(Originally published on January 7, 2012, following the death of Mark’s mother on January 6, the day that many recognize as Epiphany.)

Our daughter told me, “You won’t be able to sleep if you drink that.” Well, she was right. The espresso took away any potentiality of sleep for now, so here I am, blogging after just 2.5 hours of rest after having to rise very early for a trip to the airport. Mark and our eldest are currently winging their way to Arkansas in order to take part in laying his sweet mother to rest.

How is one supposed to deal with something like this, anyway? I’ve watched friends endure it. All four of our grandparents have passed. But to lose one’s own parent is an experience all its own, and I am now watching as my husband grapples with the knowledge that his mom has passed away. How does one say goodbye to the one who gave them birth, who was their giver of life?

Yes, I believe that God creates all things. But, the mother carries that life within her. And now, that mother is gone.


Mildred was her name, so sweet and gentle;

Like a summer rain, her love always sprinkled.

To the ones she loved, she was ever true,

Like the faithfulness of the morning dew.

She was one on whom we could all depend,

Her strength and faith never knew an end.

She loved her family, this much is true;

If you would asked, she’d surely tell you.

How proud she was of all her kids,

Even if she didn’t approve of all they did.

She prayed for all of us every day,

Hoping we’d allow God to lead our way.

Her faith was strong, her trust was true,

And she wouldn’t hesitate to share it with you.

She would read God’s Word throughout the day,

And allowed Him to openly have His say.

She was the picture of grace and light,

But in her spirit was a definite might.

She gave of herself in many ways,

Working long hours throughout the day.

She was a dedicated servant, it’s true;

She’d do all she could to minister to you.

Her love language was giving, of loving and sharing.

Her spirit was full of God’s love and deep caring.

The fruits of the Spirit shone bright in her life,

And Bartes, her husband, had a jewel for a wife.

Now she’s left us, she’s gone, she’s headed Home,

While we sit here and think, “How can she be gone!”

Mom, we spoke to you just a few short days ago,

Having no idea that to heaven you’d go.

We love you, we miss you, this much is true,

And, we really wish that we could go there with you.

But, our job is here, and it’s far from done,

We’ve got to share Jesus, God’s one, only Son.

So rest well, dear Mother, your reward is at hand;

You’re crossing over to the Heavenly land.

Where sickness can’t rain, where pain is no more,

And the hard things of life no longer knock on your door.

Peace is your covering, by God you’ve been blessed,

You’re now in His arms, a sweet gentle rest.

We love you, we miss you, this much is so true,

There will never be another lady who is just like you.

Rest in peace, Mom.