A little about us…

Who are we? Americans who have made our home in Finland. We moved to the Helsinki area on 30 December 2010, and we’ve been living there ever since!

But, who are we reallyDisciples of Jesus who are passionate about living for Him. We’ve been referred to as “people-builders” because we seek to know more about Christ, and then we share that knowledge with others. Our goal is to make the Gospel easy to understand. Do you understand what you read in the Bible? If not, we’d love to help you!

Leaving a successful career in Information Technology, Mark Alphin forsook secular employment to follow his Heavenly Master’s plan. Glenda had previously graduated from Apostolic Bible Institute with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology (BTh). While she exceled in the secular world of office management, Glenda ultimately chose to be a full-time mom while home educating their two daughters, Miranda and Candace; both are now involved in ministries of their own. Understanding that following God’s calling was preeminent, their family chose to give up life as “the norm” and began an unforgettable journey into ministry.

What do we do?

Seek to share the love of Jesus with those who want to experience deliverance (from addictions, depression, and more), Divine love that Jesus will freely give, and salvation. Simply put, we want to have the opportunity to share, what He has done for us, with you. If peace is elusive, and you don’t know how to find it, we want to help you. Please feel free to email us.

What is our goal?

Heaven. And, we want to take as many with us as we can, including you. Do you know the way to Heaven? God’s word offers clear direction, and if you’re not sure about where you will spend eternity, we can help you find the answers.

Why Finland?

God’s calling. In 2002, during an all-night prayer meeting, God talked very specifically to Mark about working for Him in Finland. It was definite, undeniable, and began to take precedence over everything else. In 2005, after a time of preparation, we went to Estonia as AIM working under UPCI Global Representative Mark Shutes. In 2007, we were appointed as UPCI Global Representatives to the country of Finland. (AIM=Associates in Missions; UPCI = United Pentecostal Church International)

Why Iceland?

Again, it was God. In 2013, God began speaking to us about adding Iceland to our work in the Nordic region. Up to that time, no UPCI Global Representative had officially been asked to focus on the country. Currently, we travel to different parts of Iceland as we seek to meet people and share the love of Jesus Christ with them.

Our Mission

Our goal is to serve Jesus in everything we do by:

  • Being His hands so that He can touch the lost and hurting;
  • Being His feet so that He can take His love to those who are lost;
  • Being His mouth by speaking His words of healing and salvation;
  • Becoming one with His mind so His thoughts become our thoughts, allowing us to know what He wants to accomplish.

We will accomplish this when we encourage others to trust God. This will enable Him to do the miraculous. His response to that trust will bring healing to the hurting and salvation to those who choose to believe in Him. We will continually encourage understanding of a person’s need to trust God and develop a growing relationship with Him.

We want God to be able to show His love through us. We will continue to follow Him wherever He leads us, and allow Him to use our efforts to help different people and nations.