Mark and Glenda Alphin are Global Representatives of the United Pentecostal Church International;
you can learn more about them here.

Mark is an ordained minister with the UPCI and serves as Senior Pastor of Uudet Alut Seurakunta (New Beginnings Church). His passion is to teach people the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the value of a real and living relationship with the Lord. One of Mark’s favorite activities is to teach from the Word of God in a one-on-one, or small group, setting. Glenda graduated from Apostolic Bible Institute with a BTh in 1987 and is also an ordained minister with the UPCI. She supports Mark in a myriad of roles that cover everything from housewife to office manager and beyond. Glenda’s calling is one of an intercessor, and she seeks to share her prayer experiences and spiritual growth with others through teaching. She is a prayer warrior, connector, and an avid supporter of the people that they serve in Finland.


Candace and Johannes Lindholm live in the Helsinki region, where Candace serves as acting pastor of the Helsinki branch of Uudet Alut Seurakunta. Called by God to do missions work when she was just 5 years old, she came to Finland with her family in December 2010. In July of 2014, God placed a calling upon her to work in FinlandCandace married her Swedish-born husband, Johannes, in summer 2016, and since that time, they have been actively serving the church in Helsinki. Candace received her local ministerial license with the UPCNC in July 2017. In December 2017, Candace graduated from Vantaa’s Vocational College with a degree in practical nursing. In addition to Church responsibilities, she and Johannes also teach and facilitate Bible studies, with Candace supplying Finnish interpretation as needed.


Joyce Ventura came to Finland for work as a nurse in September 2013 and immediately began building a relationship with the Alphin family. She faithfully worked and taught Bible studies while awaiting her family’s arrival, and in October 2014, she received a Ministerial Worker’s License with the UPC in Finland. In November 2015, Jun Ventura immigrated to Finland and began working with Mark Alphin in the spring of 2017. Jun graduated from Baguio Evangelistic Academy of Ministries with a BTh in 1997, then began his ministry with the UPCI Philippines in 1998; in July 2017, he received a local ministerial license with the UPCNC. Jun and Joyce lead Uudet Alut Turku under the direction of Mark Alphin, traveling to various cities in that region and ministering to the Filipino community.