Heather Teer

            a manuscript in progress

Heather is a native of New Roads, Louisiana. Currently, she is completing early and elementary education degrees at Baton Rouge Community College. Following BRCC, she plans to complete a 4-year university program.

She has always loved missions and in her teens, felt a pull to be active on the missions field. Heather asked God to open a door of possibility and in 2017, God provided an opportunity with the Alphins in Finland. In 2018, she went to Helsinki and helped in the local congregation for three months; then during the following summer, she returned and joined a missions team that assisted the missions representative with hosting Nordic Conference 2019. It truly was an historic event for the UPCI in Finland!

Heather will return to Helsinki in 2021 and join the ministry team’s efforts to expand its congregation’s growth. She is excited and can hardly wait to continue God’s work in Finland!

In looking beyond 2021, Heather is allowing God to write her story and if Finland fits into His manuscript, well… she’d simply love it.

Before I left Finland for the very first time in 2018, Sis. Alphin prayed with me and God used her to say that if I allowed Him to guide my steps, He would… and I should only take the steps that He wants me to take. I’ve thought a lot about how to know steps and when to know they’re His and… well, I’ve had a sort of epiphany. The overall concept is that, yes, God needs to be directing steps. However, in order for Him to do it, we must first move our feet into action. We have to take the step for Him to place our foot in the right places. And sometimes, just being willing to do something is that step. That is a piece of my story. I was willing, I stepped, and God placed my feet in Finland. Literally! – Heather

In a country that pushes God away, I want to help the hurting, broken, hopeless, and lost find peace, healing, hope, and redemption in Jesus Christ.

Where do we begin in sharing about our connection with Heather? She first came to us as “a young one” so of course, Glenda enveloped her with a bit more care. As the relationship with our family grew, we all taught her in our own ways and the Lord began working. It’s true, she was helping us but as we seek to build the people under our care, we never want our AIMers to “leave the same way they came.” Over that summer, we watched the “lightbulb moments” occur again and again as God revealed Himself to her in many different ways. Ministry was birthed as she did many “firsts” on the field and when she returned to Finland in 2019, it was evident she had continued the spiritual growth process. We are excited about her return to our Helsinki team, and we’re looking forward to how God will continue to expand the work in Finland – and Heather’s ministry – over the coming years! – Mark and Glenda Alphin, Global Representative

As a UPCI Associate in Missions, Heather is responsible for raising her own giving partners and budget offerings. If you feel led to help Heather with her 2021 summer term, she welcomes your email!