From Cultivation to Harvest is book 3 in the Growing with God series and a compilation of the first two books, Cultivating Growth and Expanding Relationship. Compiling the two books was a goal for many years and we finally achieved it! Encapsulated within the book is a well-rounded, foundational curriculum that is perfect for discipling any age. Written on a sixth grade level, the lessons are easily adaptable for any need whether it be homeschooling, training children, or a new convert’s adult training course. The Pursuing Christ menu tab of this website includes some lessons reformatted for an adult level, should you wish to see some examples.

If Growing with God blesses your ministry, we’d love to hear from you!

Children in the Bible
Why did God Make Me?
What is Sin?
Sin: Can I Kick the Habit?
What is repentance?
Let’s Explore Baptism!
The Holy Ghost (What is it?)
Do I Need the Holy Ghost?
How Soft is Your Dirt?
Being Consistent in All Things
How Can I Gain Forgiveness?
“To-Do List” Priority #1: Work on My Relationship with God
Prayer: Developing our Relationship with God (1)
Prayer: Developing our Relationship with God (2)
The Eight Areas of Prayer: Introduction to the Prayer Wheel
How do I show Praise to God?
Consider the Spider
Hearing God’s Voice
What is Intercession?
Our Spiritual Ice Cream Sundae: Exploring the Fruits of the Spirit
Living a Fruit-Full Life
Putting on the Armor of God
Temptation: Can We Stand Against It?
What Does it Mean to Be Holy?
Our Actions: Right or Wrong?
Attitude: Right or Wrong, We All Have One!
What is My “Holiness Grade?”
How Do I Keep My River Flowing?
How Can I Make My Time with God Even Better?
Becoming a Journalist for Jesus

(You + Me) + Working Together = Unity
Disobedience vs. Obedience: How does God view them?
Having Honor and Respect for Others
Integrity: What Is It, and Do I Have to Have It?
What Kind of Example are You?
I’m Called to be a Soulwinner!
Would Jesus Play with My Friends?
Two Plans for Your Life
What is the Rapture?
Heaven or Hell: What’s Your Destination?
What is Love?
Since God is Love, is There Anything He Hates?
You Want Me to FAST? But, I’m Just a KID!
Why Do We Give Tithes and Offerings?
Faith – Something that We Cannot See
Will God Heal Us?
How Much Faith Do We Need?
Faith and Trust: Are They the Same Thing?
Praying for Others: The Laying on of Hands: How, Why, and When
Gifts of the Spirit, Lesson #1: “Showing” Gifts
Gifts of the Spirit, Lesson #2: “Telling” and “Doing” Gifts
What does “God is my Father” Mean?
Godhead Lesson #1: There is One God
Godhead Lesson #2: Jesus is God
Godhead Lesson #3: Why is the Name of Jesus so Important?
Shame Lesson #1: What is Shame?
Shame Lesson #2: How Shame Affects Our Relationships
Shame Lesson #3: How Can Shame Mess Up Our Lives?
Shame Lesson #4: How Does Shame Affect Me?
Teacher’s Toolbox

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Praise for the Curriculum

We have been using Growing with God for the past eight years in our 10-11 year old classroom. The mission of this classroom is to firmly establish students in apostolic doctrine before entering the youth group. This curriculum is perfect and has had tremendous results. For the first time in the history of our church, we saw students go through the curriculum, enter the youth group established in doctrine, and graduate to the college and career age established in ministry. We didn’t lose any along the way and believe that this curriculum had a large impact. Growing with God is sound in pedagogy and doctrine and is a necessity for any ministry that works with children. – ANNETTE BENSON DUVALL, EDUCATOR

Mark and Glenda Alphin are faithful and consistent Christian leaders. The lessons for training and equipping children for relationship with Jesus will be a valuable tool for your ministry. This dedicated couple has a tried and true calling to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m glad to call them ‘my friends.’ – VICKIE (OLIVER) VERNON, INTERNATIONAL EVANGELIST

Everybody will spend eternity somewhere. As a homeschooling mom, it is my responsibility to be sure that my children have the necessary tools that they will need to make it to heaven. But more than that, I want them to be ably equipped to share their beliefs and help others find a relationship with Jesus, too. This is why I am so thankful for Growing with God. These lessons contain all of the necessary tools needed to become a worker in the Kingdom of God. Not only have we used this material in our homeschool as a Bible curriculum, it has also been taught in our children’s classes at church. I love the many verses provided in each lesson, because I know that my children are getting a thorough and doctrinally sound Bible study. Thank you, Mark and Glenda Alphin, for helping my children to better understand their higher purpose! – STEPHANIE RIVERO, HOMESCHOOLER (UPCI GLOBAL REPRESENTATIVE, COSTA RICA)

Growing with God has proved to be handy and beneficial material for teaching children. The lessons cover subjects crucial for children’s spiritual growth, contain clear instructions, and provide a variety of practical ideas. Additionally, they contain relevant life examples and creative suggestions for conducting classes, in a lively and enthusiastic manner, with the involvement of children. As such, the program gives the benefit of minimized preparation time for teachers, allowing the adaptation to different settings so that classes can be successfully held even when no church building is available. In spite of distance cultural differences, Growing with God has been translated into Russian and effectively used in Eastern European countries such as Belarus and Poland. I express gratitude to the authors and highly recommend this teaching program. – NATALIA PHILIMINOVA, TRANSLATOR (UPCI REGIONAL MISSIONARY, POLAND)

We purchased books 1 and 2 several years ago for our Children’s Ministry. They are excellent tools for teaching curriculum, as they touch on every basic Christian living principle and basic apostolic doctrine truth. The lessons are doctrinally sound, practical, and appropriate for children and youth ages; also, these skills – this information – is so needful. It’s vital for children to learn at a young age so that as they grow into young adults, they will be grounded in the truth of God’s Word. – RACHELLE JULIEN, PASTOR’S WIFE (THE BIBLE CHURCH, INDIANA, USA)