The story behind Growing with God

For five years prior to becoming involved in overseas ministry, we taught doctrine to the children of our local congregation.

Teaching focused doctrinal lessons to young children may sound strange but we had a strong desire to teach our own children, and God used that to put a burden upon us for others. We authored every lesson and prior to teaching, because we understood both the need for submission and the necessity of being Biblically sound, each one was approved by our pastor, Rev. William L. Sciscoe. The number of lessons grew and we realized that materials like ours were not widely available. Thus, the Growing with God books were born! We taught approximately 75 children over those five years and we’re thankful that only a small handful of them moved to the youth-aged group without an Acts 2:38 salvation experience (also, we learned that children will sit through “deep” lessons if presented in an interesting way)! The experiential knowledge that we gained from teaching doctrine to children set the stage for our overseas work with English second language (ESL) situations. God truly does all things well!

Following the linked book images below will take you to each respective table of contents in addition to store links. Additionally, the lessons included under the Pursuing Christ menu tab are ones taken from the books and slightly adapted for adults. This shares the ease in of adapting the material to any age group with small effort.

Thank you in advance for considering Growing with God. We pray that it will bless you. – Mark and Glenda Alphin, Authors