Cultivating Harvest is book 1 in the Growing with God series. Lesson topics include the basics of Biblical salvation and the formation of necessary foundational habits; additionally, healthy and positive character lessons are included. You will find the full table of contents listed below. Additionally, some of the lessons, slightly reformatted for adults, can be found on the Pursuing Christ menu tab of this website.

All lessons have been included in book 3, the compilation entitled Growing with God: From Cultivation to Harvest.

Children in the Bible
Why did God Make Me?
What is Sin?
Sin: Can I Kick the Habit?
What is repentance?
Let’s Explore Baptism!
The Holy Ghost (What is it?)
Do I Need the Holy Ghost?
How Can I Gain Forgiveness?
Prayer: Developing our Relationship with God (1)
Prayer: Developing our Relationship with God (2)
“21-Days Make a Habit”
Using the 21-Day-Habit Chart
How do I show Praise to God?
Consider the Spider

Living a Fruit-Full Life
Hearing God’s Voice
Putting on the Armor of God
Temptation: Can We Stand Against It?
Our Actions: Right or Wrong?
Attitude: Right or Wrong, We All Have One!
Disobedience vs. Obedience: How does God view them?
Having Honor and Respect for Others
Integrity: What Is It, and Do I Have to Have It?
What Kind of Example are You?
Would Jesus Play with My Friends?
Heaven or Hell: What’s Your Destination?
What is Love?
Since God is Love, is There Anything He Hates?

Praise for the Curriculum

Everybody will spend eternity somewhere. As a homeschooling mom, it is my responsibility to be sure that my children have the necessary tools that they will need to make it to heaven. But more than that, I want them to be ably equipped to share their beliefs and help others find a relationship with Jesus, too. This is why I am so thankful for Growing with God. These lessons contain all of the necessary tools needed to become a worker in the Kingdom of God. Not only have we used this material in our homeschool as a Bible curriculum, it has also been taught in our children’s classes at church. I love the many verses provided in each lesson, because I know that my children are getting a thorough and doctrinally sound Bible study. Thank you, Mark and Glenda Alphin, for helping my children to better understand their higher purpose!

Stephanie Rivero, Homeschooler