Expanding Relationship is book 2 in the Growing with God series. These lessons build upon the ones from Cultivating Harvest (Book 1) and offer a deeper explanation of concepts that are integral to a solid, Biblical foundation. Prayer and fasting, soulwinning, oneness, faith, even tithing… you will find the full table of contents below. Additionally, some of the lessons, slightly reformatted for adults, can be found on the Pursuing Christ menu tab of this website.

All lessons have been included in book 3, the compilation entitled Growing with God: From Cultivation to Harvest.

How Soft is Your Dirt?
Being Consistent in All Things
“To-Do List” Priority #1: Work on My Relationship with God
The Eight Areas of Prayer
What is Intercession?
Our Spiritual Ice Cream Sundae: Exploring the Fruits of the Spirit
What does “God is my Father” Mean?
What Does it Mean to Be Holy?
What is My “Holiness Grade?”
How Do I Keep My River Flowing?
How Can I Make My Time with God Even Better?
Becoming a Journalist for Jesus
(You + Me) + Working Together = Unity
I’m Called to be a Soulwinner!
Two Plans for Your Life
What is the Rapture?
You Want Me to FAST? But, I’m Just a KID!

Why Do We Give Tithes and Offerings?
Faith – Something that We Cannot See
Will God Heal Us?
How Much Faith Do We Need?
Faith and Trust: Are They the Same Thing?
Praying For Others (The Laying on of Hands: How, Why, and When)
Gifts of the Spirit, Lesson #1: “Showing” Gifts
Gifts of the Spirit, Lesson #2: “Telling” and “Doing” Gifts
Godhead Lesson #1: There is One God
Godhead Lesson #2: Jesus is God
Godhead Lesson #3: Why is the Name of Jesus so Important?
Shame Lesson #1: What is Shame?
Shame Lesson #2: How Shame Affects Our Relationships
Shame Lesson #3: How Can Shame Mess Up Our Lives?
Shame Lesson #4: How Does Shame Affect Me?
Teacher’s Toolbox

Praise for the Curriculum

Mark and Glenda Alphin are faithful and consistent Christian leaders. The lessons for training and equipping children for relationship with Jesus will be a valuable tool for your ministry. This dedicated couple has a tried and true calling to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m glad to call them ‘my friends.’

Vickie (Oliver) Vernon, International Evangelist