UPC Nordic Region

The United Pentecostal Church of the Nordic Region represents a body of ministers and churches in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, with a hope to see churches established in Greenland and Iceland. The leadership has great vision and desire to see the work of God go forward in each country. Although each nation is unique, there is a sense of unified vision to reach these nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

An annual General Conference is held each summer for the ministers and church members of the Nordic countries. This time of fellowship and vision casting is a great blessing for all, and guests are welcome to all of the services.

In the Nordics, we are linked to the United Pentecostal Church International, which has a presence in 212 nations around the world. It is a church on the move, with great revival taking place.

We welcome you to browse this website to gain more information about churches in each of the Nordic countries.

Proclaiming Jesus in the Nordic nations,

Robert Kelley, Superintendent
United Pentecostal Church Nordic Region